Frequently Aksed Questions

What kind of properties do you purchase?

At Principled Properties, we purchase single family, multi family, and commercial properties, primarily in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. We buy homes in all styles, sizes and conditions.

Do I need to make repairs or upgrades to my home prior to the sale?

No. Principled Properties purchases homes as-is, even if there is a code violation or other damage, such as termites, leaks or mold.

What happens to the properties that you buy?

It varies according to the home, its current condition and other factors. Some properties are re-sold; others remain in our property portfolio. In some cases, we may invest in the home and perform renovations, repairs and upgrades prior to selling the property. In other cases, we may sell the home as-is.

How long does it take to complete the home sale process?

It depends on a few different factors. If the home is vacant, we can complete the sale and closing within two weeks. In cases where the homeowner needs time to pack and prepare to move, the closing may take place at a later date. The process typically depends on the property owner, as Principled Properties is typically prepared to make the purchase straight away.

Are you realtors?

No. Principled Properties is an investment firm. We purchase homes without the use of a real estate agent as this cuts down on expenses, enabling us to pay top dollar for your home.

I'm currently in foreclosure. Can I still sell my home?

Yes. Principled Properties can purchase your home at any stage in the foreclosure process, right up until you reach the point of trustee sale. A foreclosure can move quickly, so we encourage homeowners to contact us promptly to ensure a favorable outcome.

If I contact you, am I obligated to sell my home to you?

No. You're always free to pursue other options. Just like any potential buyer, we will view your property and make an offer. It's up to you, the property owner, as to whether you decide to accept that offer.

I completed your contact form. What happens now?

Great! A member of the team here at Principled Properties will be in touch within approximately 24 hours to discuss your property. We'll come out to view the property and make an offer. We may bring a contractor to help assess the property so we can determine the cost to make any necessary repairs. An appraiser may also view the property.

How does the home sale process work?

The process is fairly straightforward. Once the offer is accepted, we'll sign a purchase and sale agreement. Then, we'll work with an escrow company and we'll complete the necessary paperwork to transfer the title and complete the sale.

You can also call us for quick consultation: 215-720-1365