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At Principled Properties, our firm is comprised of investors who are committed to providing Philadelphia area homeowners with a viable solution for selling their property in a fast, efficient manner. We're committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner. We take great pride in the fact that we operate with unsurpassed integrity and a high level of respect for our clients.

Many real estate investment firms turn a profit by offering less-than-competitive offers that seem to take advantage of distressed properties and homeowners who are in a difficult position and facing foreclosure. At Principled Properties, we're different. We're proud of the fair, competitive offers that we make to property owners. We work with homeowners, offering a solution that allows for a win-win for everyone involved.

Principled Properties is committed to improving neighborhoods across Philadelphia. We purchase homes of all ages, sizes and styles and in a wide range of conditions. This enables homeowners to avoid the hassle of making pre-sale improvements and repairs as is typically required when you sell a home on the open market.

At Principled Properties, we buy properties as-is. We take great pride in performing major overhauls, renovations and upgrades on older, run-down homes, transforming these properties into beautiful houses that can serve as a lovely, comfortable home for the new owner. There's something very fulfilling about the process of restoring and transforming a run-down home into one that's updated, rejuvenated and ready to stand for many generations to come.

Principled Properties is committed to transforming neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding region

Upgrading and repairing one home has the power to inspire neighbors to take action and slowly, one by one, the individual homes -- and ultimately, neighborhoods as a whole --- are rejuvenated and transformed into a wonderful, thriving places. We take tremendous pride in our commitment to helping revive distressed neighborhoods, improving the standard of living in those communities.

At Principled Properties, we strive to make the home sale process a smooth, fast and hassle-free process. You'll also avoid the hassle of selecting a realtor, vacating for open house events and dealing with a constant flow of potential buyers seeking showings!

We look forward to discussing your property and providing you with a cash offer on your home. We invite you to call Principled Properties today at 215-720-1365 or fill out our form to get started.

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